Monday, June 23, 2008

Oddles of Toddlers Pattern (and Girls and ....)

I'll be listing some great vintage toddlers patterns all the way up to Size 14. Then a good friend of mine is sending me a HUGE box of vintage patterns. I'm so excited!!
Here are a few I already have listed on Etsy.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Suzys Zoo

I'm still looking through my huge vintage greeting card/litho prints haul and I came across this cutie pie pig! Wonder what he just did?

More Vintage Meyercord Decals

Here are a few more of those wonderful Meyercord decals. The are so rich and colorful. I hear the mushrooms.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Butterflies and Flowers!

Lovely Litho with butterflies and flowers.

Gilman Print Purple Flowers

I love the rich purple in this print.

More Thayer Prints; Beautiful Flowers!

I love all these flower prints, I'm keeping a set for myself!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Vintage Meyercord Decals

I also came across a bunch of Meyercord Decals esp. tons of Butterflies.

Vintage 60s CUTE Animal Prints by Thayer Geme Art Gallery

Here are some wonderful prints by Thayer also listed:

Vintage Clown Prints

Along with the Suzy's Zoo greetings cards I found, I also got these cute vintage clowns prints and cards. Aren't they sweet. Check back often, I've got so much to list!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New dog

My husband, who is a sheriffs deputy, had arrested a guy who was involved in a crash and the guy kept talking about his dog in the truck and no one could find it. Finally, the dog was found and apparently had to be taken to the city shelter, since the man was going to jail. He was eventually placed for adoption but no one adopted him and another officer had his name put down to contact before euthanasia would be preformed. My husband called and asked if we could take it because it was fixing to be put to sleep, so being the softy I am, said yes. My six year old loves him. Named him Cosmo. He is a miniature cocker spaniel. We have another dog ( a wennie dog) and so far so good.
Isn't he cute! How could no one have wanted him.

Super MArio Bead Art!

My 6 year old is MASTER of Wii Mario Galaxy and is in absolute love with anything Mario and wants his room decorated with Mario. You know it's hard to find things to decorate with Mario! We purchased some of those fusing beads that you can decorate with and then iron them together and we made these Mario characters. They turned out SO CUTE! I told him if he wanted to sell them on Etsy we could put them on there and he said NO! These are going in my room...but if anyone wants to make a custom order, I plan on putting them on Etsy. Here they are:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Annual Yart Sale on ETSY!

Come join me and many others at the First Annual Yart Sale on Etsy.
Shop for Art, Vintage and Supplies. My shop will honer 10% off your pattern or art/supply purchase . May be combined with free shipping offers.

Smokin' Hot Wiggle Dress

I found this treasure among my unlisted patterns (what was I thinking) I always pull out my favorites to work on first. I love this front wrap tie design. Check it out in my store:

McCalls 6084
copyright 1961
Size 12
Bust 32
Waist 25
Hips 34
Uncut and Factory folds.

Slim Dress with dart fitted bodice and three-gore skirt. Jewel neckline with or without bias, turtle neck collar. LOng or short sleeves set-in. Zipper back.

Fabrics: Silk, Cotton, Shantung, Tweed, Crepe, Linen, Wools, Jersey, Pique, Satin

Monday, June 9, 2008

More Vintage Cards and prints!

Here are a couple more cute prints. Raggedy Ann and Andy signed Thayer) and the Hawaiian Hula Girl and Boy (Signed Josie). Both are in my esty Superimposium shop.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vintage Greeting Cards

I've collected vintage greeting cards for a long time with special emphasis on valentines days cards. While at an estate sale this weekend, I stumbled upon a treasure chest of 60s and 70s greeting cards. I remembered some of them from my childhood. Suzy's Zoo was so popular and I think still is. It was wonderful to find them. I'm keeping many but I'm passing along many that had duplicates. Here are a few I've already placed either on Ebay or Etsy, but I'm listing them on Etsy under my Superimposium store.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

400th Sale SALE!

I'm fast approaching my 400th sale and in honor or this event, I will give a 40% off discount (not combined with any other % discount) to my 400th customer!!!!!Happy Shopping!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smokin' Hot Pattern

I love the lines on the Smokin' Hot Dress. I wish I had the body to pull this dress off. Oh, the heads you'd turn!
Vogue Special Design S-4623\copyright 1955
Size 16
Bust 34
Hip 37

Cut and complete. Unprinted.

The fitted bodice front is cut in one with the front of he skirt. Cartridge pleated back panel with deep pleat at sides joins the elongated bodice back. Large shaped collar. Long fitted sleeves or sleeveless.

Fabric: Peau de sole, Brocade, Taffeta, Shantung, Satin, Faille crepe, crepe, Faille, Surah

Sunday, June 1, 2008

An Etsy Study ~ Best Days to Sell

I've done a study the last couple of months and I thought I'd add May 2008. Here is the article below:

"I've seen questions being asked on the forums to which are the most prosperous days on Etsy, and I decided to conduct my own study of my busiest days. I joined Etsy Dec. 7, 2007, so I did not include Dec. 2007 into this study. I've had a total of 241 sales to date, with 15 being in Dec. For the months of Jan., Feb., and March, the total sales were 226 and I broke them down to the days items were sold and here is what I came up with.
Mondays= 12 sales
Tuesday= 9 sales
Wednesday = 18 sales
Thursday = 20 sales
Friday = 18 sales
Saturday = 21 sales
Sunday = 15 sales

Some of the above were multiple sales to the same person, but I just included them as one sale. "

Today, I will add to the above totals to include April 2008: I had 40 sales in April, added to the 226 from Jan. Feb. & march = Grand Total: 266
and I broke them down to the days items were sold and here is what I came up with.
Mondays= 21 sales
Tuesday= 16 sales
Wednesday = 25 sales
Thursday = 25 sales
Friday = 21 sales
Saturday = 29 sales
Sunday = 16 sales

Saturday is still my best days to sell with Thursday close behind.

June 1: My sales in May 2008 were 35 added to 266 makes the grand total: 301, with new dialy totals as follows:
Mondays = 24 sales
Tuesday = 21 sales
Wednesday = 32 sales
Thursdays = 32 sales
Fridays = 24 sales
Saturdays = 34 sales
Sundays = 21 sales

Saturday is still my best days to sell with Wed/Thurs close behind.
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