Saturday, May 31, 2008

"ETC First Mondays -- 24 Hours of sales & special offers held on the first Monday of every month (12:01am - 12:00 midnight, Central Time / 1:01am Monday - 1:00am Tuesday, Etsy Time). Receive 10% off (excludes shippings) but I will combine with my quantity and free shipping with purchase of three offers!
For a list of participating shops and their sales, please see our team blog at"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm selling off my vintage clothing on Ebay. I sold my mannequins a couple months ago and I just listed all my vintage clothing resource books and went to watch a movie an came back home and they were SOLD! Yeah, they are all going to good homes. I still have some clothing left. Come check it out and search VBO for more great items. Hurry, today and Thurs. are the last days!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm on DRESS A DAY! Etsy pattern/vintage sellers are on Dress a Day!

How exciting! I LOVE reading Dress a day. I was on there once before (that I've known about)
Jace, from Gremly Girl , let Erin, over at Dress a Day, know about the BIG problems with the search at Etsy. Funny thing is, we have all had sales now from this blog and they have been hit and miss since the new search went into effect. I blogged about it last week, if you'd like to go back and read. Then come back and read this article: Etsy's loss is your gain.

We are all offering 10% off:
Check us out:

Bamabelle -- vintage clothing
Enigma Vintage -- vintage clothing
Gremly Girl -- vintage patterns
Joules -- vintage clothing and patterns
Just Picked Vintage -- vintage patterns & notions
Pattern Mania -- vintage patterns
Pattern Shop -- vintage patterns
Pattern Stash -- vintage patterns
Sandritocat -- vintage patterns

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pickled Garlic

For a change of pace, I'm going to blog about something other than my love for vintage patterns.
While at my mother-in-laws for Mother's Day, she served this Hot & Spicy Pickled Garlic that she brought home from a recent trip to Oklahoma. I fell in love with them. They are FABULOUS!
Since garlic has so many health benefits, I thought I'd share the name of these wonderful little babies!

"Hot 'n Spicy" Pickled Vegetables

pickled garlic******"Hot 'n Spicy" Pickled Garlic *****YUM YUM YUM!*****
Hand-packed with plump, large ivory cloves of crunchy garlic, beautiful red and green peppers and fresh dill. A traditional favorite! Slice and serve over pasta salad or add to a fresh green salad. Available in 16oz., 32oz.

"Hot 'n Spicy" Pickled Baby Corn
This butter-yellow baby corn is all-natural and hand packed with Grandma's pickle brine. Garnished with fresh dill, garlic and red & green jalapeno peppers. 16oz.

"Hot 'n Spicy" Mixed Vegetables
A classic combination of thick-sliced red and green jalapeƱo peppers, carrots, onions and cauliflower. Incredibly flavorful with bright contrasting colors. 16oz.

Here is the website:


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Come check out my new store on Main Street Mall Online!

I'm opening (and testing the waters) at Main Street Mall Online. I'm still selling at Etsy and Ecrater, but I want to try out a new site, who just so happens to have the greatest pattern search I've seen yet. Plus there are some really helpful (Steve) and nice (Hi Tina) people over there
Come check out my store:

Friday, May 9, 2008

Etsy new search bars is putting all the Supplies & Vintage shops out of business

Monday May 5, 2008 Etsy implemented a new search system where they've separated the item search into three new searches: Handmade, Vintage, and Supplies. The default is Handmade, with Vintage and Supplies available in the drop-down. You can also select "All items" to search Handmade, Supplies, and Vintage all at once.

The menu reads like this:
Search drop-down menu shows:

>Handmade Items: tags, titles (default)
>Handmade Items: tags, titles, descriptions
>Supplies: tags, titles
>Vintage: tags, titles
>All Items: tags, titles
>Sellers: Usernames

Since the change, many, MANY supplies and vintage shops on Etsy views and sales have slowed and in some cases sales have stopped ever since this new search was implemented. Many made daily sales, myself included, only to wake up to no sales and no views. To quote schOOLLOcker, "

1. Why isn't there the option to search *descriptions* when looking for Vintage & Supplies?

2. Why isn't there an option for
*All Items: tags, titles, descriptions*?

This narrow search option for Vintage & Supply items means:
sellers of these items need to include all vital search terms in their titles and in the 13 available tags ---
which has the potential to result in ridiculously long listing titles.

When tagged properly & in accordance with the rules of the site, Commercial Supplies are limited to 12 descriptive tags because the first 2 must always be *Supplies* & *Commercial.*

Why the inequity?"

Etsy Administration responded to a very lengthly discussion on Etsy's community forum "Ideas" and this is what was said:

MaryMary said: "It turns out that according to the usage statistics we've been tracking, a negligible amount of buyers use the description search to find vintage items and supplies.

We made a judgment call to cut out the descriptions search for vintage and supplies primarily because descriptions searches require a lot of server resources (along with the fact they weren't being used), so we want to do as few as possible and also adding those options to the top would make the drop-menu too daunting.

That being said, our focus at Etsy is on handmade, so we decided to leave the option for description searches in the handmade search.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion and thanks again for your patience and feedback"

schOOLLOcker (who is now my official hero) responded with this great thought:

"I just want to make sure I understand this correctly.

--I can search every post on the forums dating back to 2005 by content (except locked/closed threads).

--The long ago-obsolete threads in Promotions … all 340,000+ threads are therefore searchable by content. (this statistic is just for the Promotion threads)
I can’t even wrap my mind around how many posts that equals.

However, the engineers have determined that it doesn’t behoove Etsy Corp to allow potential customers to search the content of all listings that WE ARE TRYING TO SELL.

So my listings (& all vintage / commercial supply listings) are a drain on the site’s limited server resources.

Interesting priorities."

I've decided to see what happens over the weekend and make a new game plan Monday, if need be. There are more choices out there and believe me, I'm taking a much needed break from nursing and I've already paid my dues having patients, family and doctors walk all over me I don't need this type of unfair treatment. All we want is FAIR treatment. Everyone pays the same fees so everyone should get the same exposure.

Here is a screen shot of the new drop down bar:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not on TASK!

My first grader, who is six years old (he's a summer birthday) is having some problems in school. He seams to have trouble with talking and not staying on task. His teacher gives daily stickers and lately he's not able to get but maybe one or two a week. Let me give a little history, my husband had the same problem, so he actually comes by it naturally. In first grade, he also was always talking and getting into trouble, so much so that he was placed in a "stove appliance" box in a corner of the room, facing the wall! Can you believe that. He is one of those people who can talk to anyone about anything. He's a policeman now and just the other day he talked a man out of shooting himself and his wife, so I know one day Noah will have this same great trait!
We went to speak with his teacher and she let us know about a "contract" she had to make with her first grader (ie. hitting automatic spanking....) We came home a made one up with Noah's problmes and punishment and I really thought this would work but it is not. We asked the teacher if she thought it might be ADDH and she been teaching for over 10 years and she really didn't think it was. He makes good, really great grades, it's just his behavior! We are hoping it will work out as he matures since he is a younger than 98% of his class. We will see what happens next year and then if it worsens, we will take him to see a doctor but we both don't want him on meds.
If anyone has any helpful comments, please feel free to leave them.

Monday, May 5, 2008

MOO Cards!

I'm in LOVE with my Moo cards. I ordered them when they were offering the 33% off and I just got them today and they are so CUTE!
Just look.....
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