Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet Gizmo

After MANY months of looking for a kitten, we found one and I have to say, I do believe God had a huge hand in this one. I haven't had a cat since I had my "Toby" First I didn't want one for a long time and then when I did, it seemed I compared them all to him. Then right before Christmas, my son (who is 7) really wanted a kitten bad. We looked and looked and we were always one step too late of getting one. One had just gotten adopted at the shelter, we'd call about free kitten and they be gone. Anyway, there was an ad for four free kittens this Tuesday and we went to look at them and when we opened the door, one was sitting on the couch and it meowed really loud (like look at me) and he/she looked so much like Toby I couldn't believe it. Besides the face (Toby was Himalayan) they could have been twins. Long story short, here's our new baby Gizmo.
Here is a pic of him and one of Toby.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Neighbors or should I say Parents

First, let me start by saying, I like my neighbors but sometimes they do things that make me say WHAT were they thinking?

My seven year old son plays with a five soon to be six year old boy across the street. He also has a 9 year old sister that plays with them all quite often. They come from a divorced family so they are gone 3 to 4 days each week. A couple weekends ago, while they were gone to their Dads, the parents were cleaning out the garage and called my son over there. They proceeded to give him a huge Rubbermaid tub with a Pirates of the Caribbean ship. Noah told me they were cleaning and their son hasn't looked or tried to play with it, and they know how much Noah loves legos so they came it to him. Noah was so EXCITED. He lugged it home and started putting it together right away, He finished it in one day. Made a place in his room to put it.

Fast forward to the day they kids come home. Noah's friend came running over and saw Noah playing with the ship in our living room and said "Hey I got one just like that and Noah said Your Mom & Stepdad gave it to me. He ran home crying and came back and said he wanted it back and that Noah was only suppose to build it and then give it back. Now that is not what Noah said and Noah is a pretty SMART seven year old. Noah went over to their house and the parents told him they'd talk to him about it this weekend. Noah kept the ship.

Meanwhile, the next day, the girl comes home and comes over with the boy and Noah is in the bathroom and I tell them He'll come out to play when he is finished. She asked " can I come see the ship?" I didn't think anything of it and I said OK and then I'll send Noah out because my husband was sleeping.
When Noah gets out of the restroom he says where is my ship and do you know she was walking home with it. Never said a word to us. Now in my book, that is stealing and my husband is a cop. He was PO'd to say the least. Again, Noah goes over and they say we'll talk about it and let you know. NEVER once have they called or come over to talk to US about it. Noah says the Mom said to him that the boy made such a fuss about it she just gave it to him. What is the matter with these people? Can they not stand up to their 5 year old and tell them LOOK YOU NEVER PLAYED WITH IT SO WE GAVE IT AWAY PERIOD! Noah again says the Mom will talk to me and she never has. I don't want to go over a cause a scene because I'm mad and my husband is really mad. He told the boy one day while he was over here, why did your sister come in an steal from Noah? Now he thinks my husband is mean and doesn't want to come over. I'm thinking the Mom probably doesn't know she did take it without asking.

What a MESS! Any words of wisdom?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a BLESSED Easter!
I got this great little graphic along with this FAb background from CuteandCool:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things that make you go HUM? Entrecard

I drop almost everyday. There may be one or two days out of the month I don't get to drop. Over the last couple of days, I've been noticing all the "Top Droppers for March" and I'm not on a one of them. I find that funny since I recognize these blogs as ones I've dropped on. Are these top 10 people dropping everyday or are people just linking up with other people and placing them on their blog as a top dropper? Hum?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Entrecard ~Should I stay or should I go?

I thought the whole point of Entrecard was a FREE ad network for bloggers. I approved a few paid ads to be displayed on my site and you know what I found out? That when you approve a paid ad, it doesn't get in line like the rest of the ads, it jumps right to the top, overwriting any currently running [free] ad. I for one, do not like that at all.

I will go in an select not to accept paid ads (if that is possible, which I think it is) and from now on I am only approving the regular ads that I have all along. I've noticed I haven't had any regular EC credit ads, only paid. I for one, can't afford to use paid advertising. Correction, I do, but it is on a popular sewing blog and well worth it. I enjoy being able to purchase advertising with my EC credits.

I will not be approving any paid ads. I've already approved quite a few, and my whole page is full plus full of ads requesting time. I understand this not being a team player, but I already spent way too much time dropping and if this turns out to be a "chore", I'd just as soon quite the whole show.

I hope you understand and will still advertise with your earned credits.
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