Sunday, July 27, 2008

Out with the old...Vintage Cowboy Curtains

I'm sad my seven year old doesn't want his cowboy room anymore but I'm happy he growing up to be such a fine young man. Does anyone had nay Super Mario curtains and bedspread??

Ebay auction:

Vintage 50s Dressmaker Dial a Gram Encyclopedia

Another great sewing find: Home Sewer/dressmakers handy tool for Home Sewing at your fingertips! Belding Corticelli's Dial-A-Gram Encycolpedia that makes sewing facts come to life in your hands quickly edited by Mary Brooks Picken.

Give your work the custom look with good stitching.

Dial for fabric, thread and stitch to save your time.

Check figure, fitting and pressing tips for professional results.

How to adjust your pattern to fit you.

How to press as your sew.

How to fit garments correctly.
How to flatter your figure.

Wonderful condition.

Ebay auction:

Vintage Dressmakers Sewing Curve Ruler Design Curve

Found this great dressmakers sewing design ruler called the Design Curve by Mr. Ray. Uses: Curve a dart, Shaping hipline or adjusting waistline, styling pants legs, Raising or lowering sleeve cap at shoulder or underarm, lowering and raising neckline, adjusting hemline, Lengthen or shorten bodice, decrease or increase length of back crotch, adjusting waistline at seam, Shorten length of shoulder, and curving or straightening side seam for waistline adjustment.

Measures 24.5 in length.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vintage 50s Butterick 6015 Original Walk Away WRAP Dress

Just listed in my store:
The Original Walk Away Dress Butterick 6015
Butterick 6015
copyright 1952
Size: 14
Bust: 32"
Waist: 26½"
Hips: 35"

This is the original 'walk-away' dress pattern, not a reproduction. Butterick released this in 1952 and it ended up being the best selling pattern ever. At one point they even shut down production of all their other patterns to fill the demand for #6015. It was called walk-away because one could start it after breakfast and walk-away in it for luncheon.

Quick & Easy One Piece Wrap Dress. Here's the smartest idea of the season . . . a dress that has only back waist and shoulder seams, that has its back wrapped around to the front for a sheath-and-overskirt look. Binding finishes the edges. Wear it for any occasion. Made from just 3 pattern pieces, no facings!

Fabrics - crepe, taffeta, faille, satin, velveteen, shantung, gingham, chambray, cotton prints, linen, pique, cotton broadcloth.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CUTEST Toddler Patterns!

I simply ADORE these patterns. Their expressions are so cute!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sucker for Children's Patterns!

I've stumbled upon more wonderful vintage children's patterns. These remind me of the good ole' days. I even found one where I could have been the model for it, the little girl looked so much like my little girl pictures. It's the Lolita dress and the girl int he middle.
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