Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Most Hearts SALE!

I'm putting my most hearted patterns on sale 10-28-10-31.
All patterns hearted over 10 hearts are reduced!
Here are a few:
Simplicity 5631
Simplicity 1731
Simplcity 4868
McCalls 6453
McCalls 4697
McCalls 3914
McCalls 3166
Simplicity 2410
Simplicity 4858
Butterick 6082
Hollywood 1881
DuBarry 5091
Advance 5326
Simplicity 3014
Advance 5675
Advance 5441
Simplicity 2000
Butterick 6836

Friday, October 9, 2009

Little Leage Football

I realized I haven't written in a long time and that needs to change. I've been busy with my 8 yr old being in football. Had I realized it was this time consuming, I might have decided against it. This all started in August, he went to Football camp and liked it and decided to play. At first, they practiced everyday. EVERY day! Then when school started (after a whole week) they cut back and took a day off. My son literally hates football now. He says the coaches holler and are mean and he's gotten sick twice from playing in the rain (I think it was just coincidence but he's already told me, if it rains again ~ I'm not going!) The parents are SUPER competitive. They hoot and holler and several have had words with the coaches. I heard one Dad just a cussing one day at the game. I'm sorry, but I don't think we will play again next year if it's this crazy his FIRST year!
He took pictures last week and we haven't gotten them back, but I took this one and played around with it.

Now here is some funny stuff. He has this sketch book he sort of draws like his Diary of a wimpy kid books and here is one of his drawings....

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