Tuesday, September 30, 2008


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Friday, September 26, 2008

Unexpected Surprises!

This year my son is in second grade. At the end of each year, the parents are allowed to send in a request for the next year’s teacher choice. We have been lucky the first two years since we got the teachers we wanted. This year we didn’t. I was a little upset but then another mother comforted me by telling me the teacher my son got was wonderful, she said her daughter had her when she was a sixth grade teacher and now she was changing to be a second grade teacher. My son’s last year teachers praised her too. OK, great ~all will be fine. Three weeks into school, my son gets told right before school is let out that 3 to 5 kids were chosen from each of the second grade class to start the next day with a new teacher. When I picked him up he was crying his eyes out. I was mad! Why this? and why that? My husband so calmly reminded me, God has a plan and maybe this is the best teacher for him He had already started his “talkative” behavior in this other class and was getting in trouble almost daily, for talking and not paying attention. H is now going into week three and I LOVE this teacher. She is so organized and Noah is actually getting knight slips (good behavior) for being quite. I’m so thankful for this teacher! I’m going to have to get busy searching Etsy for this teachers gifts!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Featured Artist for the week~ Doll Closet

My second featured artist will be with a actual sewer ~ of doll clothes. I'm sure she sews other tings, but her shop is filled with lovely clothes for dolls. Most of them are for 18" dolls but she takes custom orders for any size doll. I picked out my favorite outfit:
~wonder if that comes in adult size...:)

Here is here interview:

What is your shop's name and where are you located (url)
My shop’s name is DollCloset and the url is http://DollCloset.Etsy.com

How long have you been in business?
Going on 7 months now, on Etsy, although I had sold a bit at farmer’s markets before hearing about Etsy. :)

What motivated you to go into the crafting business?
I had been creating doll clothes as gifts for friends and family, and my friend Ashley is the first who suggested I sell them. (Her shop: http://DCStuff.Etsy.com ) I've fallen hard for these necklaces ~Beautiful!!

What's is your favorite item you've ever made?
This one is my current favorite. That could change though! I'm always coming up with new ideas.

It's a good day when ...
I wake up to a sale. It’s always so exciting!

Do you have any advise for someone who wants to open a shop on Etsy?
I guess the biggest thing would be - just be patient. Selling on Etsy has it’s ups and downs, sometimes I’ll go a couple weeks without a sale, and then other times I’ll have several sales all at once. You just have to stick at it, and keep going even when it’s “slow”. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Vintage Raggedy Ann & Andy Pattern

I've stumbled onto these patterns time and time but they are getting harder and harder to come by. This is my first one in over a year. It's original and UNCUT!

DAISY KINGDOM SAILOR Dress for Girls and Your American Girls Doll

I was never lucky enough to have a little girl but if I did she would have this outfit with her doll dressed up just like her. This is so cute, a Sailor Collar Kit was also made so you can have your dresses turn out just perfect. This set is being sold at my ecrater store: http://sandritocat.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=3102978

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I simply ADORE Cute pattern graphics!

Look and the little red headed pigtailed girl on this pattern. I LOVE here expression. I'm making me something with here cute little face in it!

My First Artist feature: ZEBA COLLECTION : Your Source of UNIQUE Jewelry

ZEBA COLLECTION http://zeba.etsy.com is definitely a wonderful source for UNIQUE jewelry. She has some very beautiful pieces of jewelry and it was hard to pick my favorite, but I finally settled on this one:

Here is my interview with the shop owner, Sholeh ( isn't that a great name!)

What is your shop's name and where are you located (url)
My shop is called Zeba and is located at http://zeba.etsy.com

How long have you been in business?
For about two years.

What motivated you to go into the crafting business?
I love making jewelry, but you can only make so much for yourself, friends and family. Also, the cost of materials for making jewelry is high and since I don’t have unlimited funds, I started to run out money. So, to make a long story short, I had to think about selling my work. My daughter told me about Etsy and the rest is history.

what's is your favorite item you've ever made?
That is a tough one because I like them all. But If I had to choose one, I would say the ‘Serpent Necklace’
at http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=15036971.
I searched a lot to find the right combination of beads for the body and figuring out how to make the clasp work without distorting the shape of the snake. I have to say, I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

It's a good day when ...
my photographs come out clear, precise and artistic at the same time. Taking photographs of my work has been the hardest and most frustrating part of my eCommerce business. I

Do you have any advise for someone who wants to open a shop on Etsy?
Expect to spend a lot of time, listing, promoting and advertising for your shop. Making the jewelry is only 1/6 of the time, the other 1/3 goes to listing the item and 2/3 of my time goes towards taking pictures. The time consuming part of the listing is to figure out how to describe the item.
Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Friday, September 12, 2008

Who has such a Itty Bitty Waist

Did these girls ever eat. I know they are just pattern girls but I have seen some girls from the good old days with a waist like this. Can you imagine? Well, if you have a 25.5" waist, this is the dress for you. McCall's 3698 to be listed tonight.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


If you found my shop through this blog, take yourself a 10% discount when you shop my shop. I'll refund the amount through Paypal when you write "Bloglove10" in the notes section.

Fall Fashion: Longer SKIRTS!

I've got some new skirt patterns in the shop just in time for the Fall season. Longer skirts are what is HOT so take a look:

I've got plenty more, so come take a look at my shop:




Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mother and Daughter Reversible WRAP Dresses

Does anyone remember those Mother/Daughter dresses from the 1950s? I always thought they were so cute when I'd see them at church. My Mom dressed me cute but she would have never worn what I was wearing. I'm sure it was always the daughters wanting to dress like the Moms whereas today it is probably the other way around. These two pattern were not marketed as mother/daughter patterns but they sure are very similar. I think these would look so cute on a mother/daughter. If anyone wants to share any photos of mother/daughter dresses, I'll be happy to place them here.
These two patterns are for sale in my etsy shop:


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To be a Kid again....

I came across another great haul of children's patterns. Oh, how I wish to be a kid again. Not only have fun but to be so cute in these clothes.
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