Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Halloween Costume Patterns

After putting off listing these costumes all summer, I decided to start listing some and to my surprise, a few of these babies went out the door within hours of me listing. Simplicity 7921, which is a Crayola, Pizza, Pencil, Toothpaste, Candy Corn, Halloween Costume Pattern or the McCall's 9045 Ringling brothers Barnum & Bailey clown costume. I still have many great costume patterns available from both my stores, but my Ecrater store is the most well stocked:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Incredible 1930's Dress Patterns

I went into a local antique mall and found my son all sorts of goodies. He collects Pez holders and I got him a couple Star Wars and found some cool old McDonald's car toys~ my husband said he remembered them from his Happy Meals. Anyway, I found a great old 1930's McCall's Magazine and didn't even look through it until I got home and I found these wonderful pattern illustrations in the back. I tell you right now, If I'm ever lucky enough to find any of these ~they're MINE!!!

Super Mario!

My newly turned seven years old son wanted a Super Mario room. I had the hardest time finding a comforter, so we finaly decided on a sports theme and a Mario theme. Here is what we have so far. I've made everything myself, except for the painting. It was purchased from a seller on Etsy Designsbyjo, who did a marvelous job! Noah was so excited to open this.

Friday, August 15, 2008

1940's Elegance

It was love at first site. This is one of those dresses that screams sophistication. I can't see this dress looking bad on anyone. The drape of the dropped yoke and the flare of the capelet or balloon sleeves is stunning and consequentially hang more gracefully. A definite head turner with this dress on.

Available here:

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sassy~Bratty Faced Dolls

I found these dolls at an estate sale. It was one of those come with your gloves and flashlight sales and I had so much fun rummaging through boxes upon boxes of vintage. Anyway, when I get up to the one guy who is pricing, he yells while holding up my dolls to another worker, "Are these the dolls you were looking for?" I'm thinking, "try to take them away from me and I'm glaring at her and she says "No" but I'm wondering if she wanted them. I really want to keep them but I have so much STUFF "collecting" around, I will part with them. I found out they are collected and some are hard to find. I cannot make out the copyright symbol but it my understaing some were made by The Imperial Toy Co. It looks like Irwin on the symbol. If anyone knows any information, lease let me know.
Here is my link to my site where they are for sale:
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