Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treating in DALLAS!

My seven year old son and I made a quick trip to Dallas to see my Mom this weekend, who was placed on hospice. We left early Friday (Halloween) morning. After vising my mom most of the day, we had to take Noah trick or treating. We stopped and a mall and then a church who was doing the Trunk or treat. They had a a lot of activities and his bag filled up quickly. We decided to go to a few house up my sisters street. Let me tell you, Dallas goes all out for Halloween. Let me tell you about two houses in particular.

This one house had errie sounds coming from it with white smoke filling the air. It looked like a movie set of some graveyard complete with scary fence. There were "heads" hanging and "Pots boiling" and gargoyles and spiders and Noah would not even walk up by himself, so I took him. A vampire answered the door and she saw he was scared and I'm sure didn't try to scare him anymore.

The next house had a huge guy int he front yard with a chainsaw and smoke coming out of the yard where you couldn't see very well. You could hear chainsaws in the background. I saw the garage was open but they had hung large black garbage sacks and I saw someone run into it. Noah saw all this and grabbed my hand and said NO! Come on and started pulling me away. I heard someone say, "Where did they go" and "Carrie" came out in her white gown dripping in blood and tried to see what was the matter and I told here he was scared and she said "well at least come get some candy." Noah went reluctantly and as he was going up to her to get the candy, Jason from Friday the 13th came barging out of the garage and hit a chain on house and let me tell you~ I've never seen Noah run so fast~he left me for dead!

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