Monday, February 16, 2009

Spotlight on 5erg/Silja's Giftshop on Etsy

What is your shop's name and where are you located (url)

How long have you been in business?
About a year. I am pretty new with this, it was my first holiday season this year. Wrote everything down I need to think about if I make it to the next holiday season. You need to be prepared for November-December :D For example, think about buying more bubble envelopes and stamps and not spending 40 minutes packaging time on one order.

What motivated you to go into the crafting business?
There happened to be people interested in some of my craftwork and that made me think about it.
About starting an Etsy shop, I just tried it out without thinking about where I am going with this. If I would of done a proper estimate for the year, I wouldn't of tried it out for sure. So I guess it worked out well.
I like the idea that someone wants my stuff more than hoping to make a fortune on this, so I started with really low prices. I think that helped.

what's is your favorite item you've ever made?
Huh, this is a hard question. I have to think about what HAVE I done, haha.
There is this portrait I like. I sent it to New York for a show, but hopefully they will send it back too. In April or so. It usually hangs near my desk, it is a really happy portrait and it makes me want to do chores. I don't know why. So I am making a use of this phenomen and keeping it near. I guess I won't be doing any house work until April then. :D

It's a good day when ...
I liked it when we were removing stoves from out house. Whole summer full of breaking brick constructions. Great workout! So, my point is, it is a good day when there is something real to do.

Do you have any advise for someone who wants to open a shop on Etsy?
Yes, head off to forums right away. Check out some business topics. Then check out some red hot topics and see how it looks when someone is ranting, calling out or whining(whining too much. some whining is OK!) and then make your conclusions if you would like to sound the same way or not.
And do not worry, most of the etsyans are routing FOR you! So if you feel like handicraft is something you need to do, try it out! :)

My favorite item from her store:


Sinclair said...

Yay! I featured Silja last Friday. Love her work, and she is very friendly! Nice post.

claudio said...

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yours Claudio Tomassini

Anonymous said...

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lisa winter said...

this is a great interview. love that bee. i'll check out her store on etsy.

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