Monday, March 9, 2009


It's Spring Break somewhere! My step-daughter is out on Spring Break this week, my son is out next week, my sister in Dallas has Spring Break the following week, so for the rest of this month, I'm having a SPRING BREAK SALE. Save 15% off plus my usual shipping discounts:
FREE SHIPPING OFFER!!! Buy 3 patterns or more and I will ship for FREE!!!
Offer good in USA only!

Buy 5 Sewing Patterns and get 5% OFF + FREE SHIPPING
Buy 10 Sewing Patterns and get 10% OFF + FREE SHIPPING
Buy 15 Sewing Patterns and get 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING
Buy 20+ Sewing Patterns and get 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING

Buy 1-2 patterns = $5.00 shipping
Buy 3-4 patterns = $7.00 shipping
Buy 5-6 patterns = $9.50 shipping
Buy 7-9 patterns = $12.50 shipping
Buy 10 patterns = $20.00 + 10% off
Buy 15 pattern = $20.00 + 15% off
Buy 20 patterns = $20.00 + 20% off
Buy 25+ pattern = FREE SHIPPING + 20% off.

Must pay from one invoice for Paypal payment.
Mention "SPRING BREAK SALE" in the message to buyer to get the sale and I'll either send you a new invoice or refund you through Paypal.
Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

Carol said...

Good luck with your sale! Now if we could only figure out how to close our eyes, click our heels, and end up in that photo at the top of your post, it would be a true spring 'break' to-be-sure!!

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