Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bad Business!

I ordered a lovely necklace from a featured "power" seller off Etsy for Christmas for my sister. Imagine my horror when my sister told me it fell apart in her hands. I decided to vent my frustrations on Christmas to this seller, never expecting her to write me back on Christmas, but when I see she when was listing the two next days and still hadn't contacted me, I write her again, wondering why? She gets TOTALLY BENT out of shape with me, the CUSTOMER! Basically calls my sister a lair (like she broke it on purpose) and when I decide not to deal with her and file a complaint with Paypal, she comes back almost immediately threatening to file fraud on me. She's obviously done this before! Needless to say, my sister is trying to fix it and if she can't, I asked her to send to me and I'd try. I've heard these stories before, just never thought it would happen to me................................


CastoCreations said...

Oh NO!!! /i am so sorry to hear this happened to you. It gives all sellers a bad name when one acts badly. Anytime a customer has even the slightest issue with my work I bend over backwards to try to make it right. The ONE time I got negative feedback I literally cried...the customer never contacted me to even try to work it out and I was so upset. Because I take customer service that seriously.

Maybe you could find a local jewelry bead shop or even artisan who could help your sister fix it.

Anonymous said...

What an awful experience. It is stories like this that make me worried for the rest of the Etsy sellers who sell high-quality product :(

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