Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tired of Paypal fees? You want $25 to spend?

Revolution Money Exchange, is a competitor to PayPal. If after reading about them, if you are interested in signing up please contact me either by leaving an e-mail address in a comment or by e-mail at Open a Revolution money exchange account before April 15th and receive $25 into your account from them and for using me as your referral, I will give you $5 off your vintage pattern order! You get $10 per referral, but I have to provide you with an invite, so you'll get $5 off of my patterns and I'll get $5 to spend~ a fair deal.
Signing up is simple, just click the picture below to get started.
It took about 2 minutes and I got my $25.00 instantly!
Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
To accept this payment method you will need to send a request for the funds to the buyer and then they will have to pay the "invoice" that you send. A small price to pay to not have to pay PayPal's transaction fees.
For US residents only!

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