Thursday, January 1, 2009

Guitar Hero and Wii Addictions!

We have had our Wii for quite some time, we probably got in within a year of it coming out. My now seven year old son has quite a few games, and got some great new ones for Christmas. He got the Wii Nerf and Lego Star Wars, which he loves. He got Bloom Box and he seams to like but hasn't played very much yet. My husband and I talked him into using his Christmas money on a Guitar Hero World Tour and Oh MY GOSH, I can't get him off the Wii now ~my husband too for that matter. I could easily loose a couple hours if anyone would let me play, but I really suck (but if anyone would let me practice!) My son got a real electric guitar last year for Christmas from his brother-in-law who plays, but we don't have anyone in this little town who gives lessons~so in his room it sits. I think he really could have some talent with a guitar. Watching him master this guitar hero tells me he'd be good at the guitar. He's only had it three days and he can close his eyes on some of the songs and get it right!

Some other Wii games we enjoy are Wii Sports and Wii Play. My favorite is Mario Party 8 and my sons use to be Super Mario Galaxy but I think Guitar Hero just took over that spot!

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