Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kittens are hard to come by

My seven year old son (and me) have been wanting a kitten since before Christmas. There are hardly any to be found and when there are, the waiting list is long! We found two at our local animal shelter Tuesday and we were third on the list but we didn't get one. I use to have a beautiful Himalayan cat name Toby:,
who I gave to a co-worker when I moved here over seven years ago. I was pregnant and we were moving into an apartment and didn't have the $300 pet deposit. Oh, how I wish I still had him. I've been looking into buying one again but I can;t believe how much they are. I paid $300 back then and they are $600 and up these days. I've even seen these Munchkin kittens that are super cute but they are pricey too. Hopefully, we will find a kitten when "kitten season" hits in March.


sumo707 said...

Here in the south, folks haven't really caught on to the "be a responsible pet owner" idea. The shelters are full of cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies.

So if you know someone who lives in a southeastern state, pay a visit and get yourself a kitten while you're here. Spread the word.

Youvegotmaille said...

Best of luck on finding the perfect kitten and surviving his/her adolescence (speaking as someone who lives with a 6-lb. monster!)

Laura said...

I went through this same thing trying to find the perfect kitty after having raised a Himalayan that was the best cat I ever had. You can read about how I found Destiny last November at a shelter. ( ) It took me a long time but there she was and had actually been in that shelter for 2 months. I know you will find yours soon.

Liv'nGood Jewelry said...

does it have to be a kitten? every cat I've owned I got when they were about 1 year old - and they're all terrific

good luck finding your perfect kitty match

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