Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm on DRESS A DAY! Etsy pattern/vintage sellers are on Dress a Day!

How exciting! I LOVE reading Dress a day. I was on there once before (that I've known about)
Jace, from Gremly Girl , let Erin, over at Dress a Day, know about the BIG problems with the search at Etsy. Funny thing is, we have all had sales now from this blog and they have been hit and miss since the new search went into effect. I blogged about it last week, if you'd like to go back and read. Then come back and read this article: Etsy's loss is your gain.

We are all offering 10% off:
Check us out:

Bamabelle -- vintage clothing
Enigma Vintage -- vintage clothing
Gremly Girl -- vintage patterns
Joules -- vintage clothing and patterns
Just Picked Vintage -- vintage patterns & notions
Pattern Mania -- vintage patterns
Pattern Shop -- vintage patterns
Pattern Stash -- vintage patterns
Sandritocat -- vintage patterns

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