Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not on TASK!

My first grader, who is six years old (he's a summer birthday) is having some problems in school. He seams to have trouble with talking and not staying on task. His teacher gives daily stickers and lately he's not able to get but maybe one or two a week. Let me give a little history, my husband had the same problem, so he actually comes by it naturally. In first grade, he also was always talking and getting into trouble, so much so that he was placed in a "stove appliance" box in a corner of the room, facing the wall! Can you believe that. He is one of those people who can talk to anyone about anything. He's a policeman now and just the other day he talked a man out of shooting himself and his wife, so I know one day Noah will have this same great trait!
We went to speak with his teacher and she let us know about a "contract" she had to make with her first grader (ie. hitting automatic spanking....) We came home a made one up with Noah's problmes and punishment and I really thought this would work but it is not. We asked the teacher if she thought it might be ADDH and she been teaching for over 10 years and she really didn't think it was. He makes good, really great grades, it's just his behavior! We are hoping it will work out as he matures since he is a younger than 98% of his class. We will see what happens next year and then if it worsens, we will take him to see a doctor but we both don't want him on meds.
If anyone has any helpful comments, please feel free to leave them.

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diane said...

Hang in there. He might just have some extra energy that may need to be used up before school and during recess so he's more able to focus at school.

As things get more academic, he may level out his energy. He might just be really bright with his mind going 100 miles an hour and not yet able to focus the energy on the task at hand.

I bet he's able to juggle several projects going on at once - not a bad trait to have. :)

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