Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mother and Daughter Reversible WRAP Dresses

Does anyone remember those Mother/Daughter dresses from the 1950s? I always thought they were so cute when I'd see them at church. My Mom dressed me cute but she would have never worn what I was wearing. I'm sure it was always the daughters wanting to dress like the Moms whereas today it is probably the other way around. These two pattern were not marketed as mother/daughter patterns but they sure are very similar. I think these would look so cute on a mother/daughter. If anyone wants to share any photos of mother/daughter dresses, I'll be happy to place them here.
These two patterns are for sale in my etsy shop:


Twisted said...

Oh man, I totally remember these in my moms sewing kid. That's fun your bringing them back!

Erika said...

Holy cow, I just had the biggest flashback of sitting in the fabric store with my mom looking through ALL the pattern books! And yes she would do mother/daughter outfits for us (does this date me.....?) Anyways, I found you from the etsy forum on blog features. I'm probably not what you're looking for, but I like your blog! (ah, memories). My etsy shop is kikasfancy and I'm on blogger, too,with the same url ( Cheers! Erika

kitschylady said...

Yes! My mother got some for us twice, so I was really lucky, because they did make me feel special -- and, of course, I adored Mom so they were really neat. Both sets were shirt waists, I believe, and the turquoise one had monogrammed tabs which buttoned on to a top pocket, if I remember correctly, and which I kept when I sadly outgrew the dress. The other set was orange. I believe Mom ordered them from catalogues. I think I wanted more, but we didn't have a lot of money, and eventually my brother got old enough that he might have felt left out, so that may have been why no more materialized (!). But they were a cool thing from the 50's.

Debra said...

Is this pattern still have this available? Great blog and etsy shop.

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