Friday, September 26, 2008

Unexpected Surprises!

This year my son is in second grade. At the end of each year, the parents are allowed to send in a request for the next year’s teacher choice. We have been lucky the first two years since we got the teachers we wanted. This year we didn’t. I was a little upset but then another mother comforted me by telling me the teacher my son got was wonderful, she said her daughter had her when she was a sixth grade teacher and now she was changing to be a second grade teacher. My son’s last year teachers praised her too. OK, great ~all will be fine. Three weeks into school, my son gets told right before school is let out that 3 to 5 kids were chosen from each of the second grade class to start the next day with a new teacher. When I picked him up he was crying his eyes out. I was mad! Why this? and why that? My husband so calmly reminded me, God has a plan and maybe this is the best teacher for him He had already started his “talkative” behavior in this other class and was getting in trouble almost daily, for talking and not paying attention. H is now going into week three and I LOVE this teacher. She is so organized and Noah is actually getting knight slips (good behavior) for being quite. I’m so thankful for this teacher! I’m going to have to get busy searching Etsy for this teachers gifts!

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CAT Productions said...

I understand your ups and downs. We've been through similar things with our daughter, who's in the third grade this year. But, so far, we've had good luck with all her teachers, whether or not they were the ones we requested or not. I love your blog and your Etsy shop!

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